A First Course in Statistical Programming, 2nd Edition

W. John Braun and Duncan Murdoch

April 16, 2020


  1. p. 75, Chapter exercise 1(c): It is not necessary to use round() for this question.

  2. p. 99, Exercise 2(a): It is not necessary to use fix() for this question; the code editor in RStudio would be better.

  3. p. 100, Exercise 6: annuity() should be annuityAmt().

  4. p. 135, Exercise 8: The units of the rate should be “onsets/hr”, not “mm/hr”.

  5. p. 210, first table: The CDF F(x) for the Uniform(a, b) distribution should be (xa)/(b − a). (Thanks to Woonchan Cho for pointing this out.)

  6. p. 203, last line of Example 7.12 should have d = XTy.

  7. p. 205, last paragraph of note after Example 7.13:
    Here D is a symmetric matrix, not a diagonal matrix. To get a diagonal matrix use x - mean(x) in place of x. (Thanks to Julian Stander for this and the previous correction.)